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Disabled Veteran Small Business

Disabled Veteran Small Business

AMC is a registered Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. This status makes us eligible for preferential contracting and set-asides under federal law. Under the SDVOSB vehicle, Contracting Officers can issue sole source solicitations to qualified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. SDVOSB is mandated to receive 3 Percent of all Federal Agency & Prime Contractor Contracts and is under quota. Additionally, in accordance with 13 C.F.R. 125.19 and 125.20, contracting officers may award a sole source or set-aside contract to SDVOSBCs, if certain conditions are met.

Community Involvement
The AMC Team as indicated earlier, utilizes almost entirely small businesses. Unlike some other privatization contractors, we actually prefer to utilize well qualified small businesses. This is due to our concept of trade partnering. Trade partnering was developed by the General Electric Corporation to improve the efficiency of their contracting base. This principle makes each contractor who is willing, a stake holder in the operation. Though responsibility and liability does not shift from us, it allows us to create a true sense of synergy.

Additionally, Our Team in conjunction with our community partners are involved in the support of all of the community heroes as well. By truly integrating into the communities we operate, not with just a profit motive, we are able to leverage our success into community success, which will deliver results for generations. Sustainable designs and superior efficiency are the life-blood of community partnership and principles of integration make up the heart. It is in these ways that Our Team delivers for the Army, the Soldier and for those that support them and their families in a substantial way.
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AMC Professional Services Group

Changing the Paradigm of “Business as Usual”

AMC is poised to deliver to you a full range of comprehensive consultative services and resources to support and provide solutions that best serve our clients. Having broad expertise in Business and Program Development, Training and Implementation, we can deliver to you a culmination of experience spanning over 30 years in a way that is strategic and effective to meet your requirements today and progressively throughout the years.

The benefit to you is drawn from a consultancy team that includes not only comprehensive knowledge and experience from the Hospitality and Property Management, but also expertise in Business and Program Development, Sales & Marketing, Implementation, Training and Sustainment, in both Government Contracting and the Private Sector. You will see the intricacy and depth of experience from each AMC team member will allow Our Clients the resources to provide solid and effective business solutions, being at the top of the game in all facets of business development as you endeavor to expand your book of business.

The AMC Team Members relevant experience includes serving the Single Soldiers of Fort Riley in the capacity required by FSBP, assisting civilian partners manage 10,000 apartments in various locations across the United States, has supported DoD by revising the BRAC Process, helped redefine logistic analysis methodologies for the National Guard and the Corp of Engineers, built Camps in Afghanistan and Africa, and currently operationally support diverse non-profit entities, developed, implemented and oversaw government contract facilities including NISH programs and have overseen revamping of process and systems for the Secretary of Defense ISR TF.

AMC Professional Services Group

We are committed to ensuring Our Client’s programs are successful and WORLD CLASS. We can deliver this for Our Clients with long standing relationships with the Department of the Army (DA), other government agencies and with many years of private sector Best Practices, highly qualified and experienced trainers and mentors and out-of-the-box innovative nature derived from careers built figuring it out, getting it done and delivering for the customer every day.

Delivering into the Future
Our Team focuses on continual process improvement. Our experience significantly shortens the transition learning curve and allows for timely deployment of resources and performance delivery. We strive to exceed the expectations of the Clients. Our total capacity far exceeds that of a typical fee Consultant, we deliver not only advice and guidance, but also Results and Deliverables to our clients and partners.

AMC is a company of Thinkers and of Doers.

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